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Deportation of Syrian refugees from Turkey

Deportation of Syrian refugees from Turkey

Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch) (a non-governmental organization headquartered in the United States) said that the Turkish authorities are forcing Syrian refugees to sign a declaration that they want to voluntarily return to Syria. After signing the declaration, the Turkish authorities carry out the deportation, which, in the opinion, is illegal.

The social networks posted a lot of evidence of such inhuman policies of the Turkish authorities.

«The Turkish authorities say they are helping the Syrians to voluntarily return to their country. But they [the Syrian-refugees] face imprisonment until they agree to return, «said Jerry Simpson, an employee of the organization, adding:

«Illegal deportation is actively carried out by the Turkish authorities, and we believe that the transfer of Syrians to military zones is neither voluntary nor legal».

According to Human Rights Watch, forcible return indicates that the Turkish government has begun active implementation of a policy of squeezing Syrian refugees out of the country.

The Human Rights Watch report cites one tragic case as an example.

A Syrian citizen from Guta in the countryside of Damascus, who fled to Turkey, was forced by the Turkish authorities to return to northern Syria. Turkish police arrested him on July 17 in Istanbul, where he lived for more than three years, and forced him and other Syrians to sign declarations of voluntary return. After that, the Syrian refugees were taken to another detention center, forcibly put on a bus to Syria.

A Human Rights Watch report states that some Syrian refugees were deported to Idlib, in the northern province of Aleppo, despite the war and the dangers that surround them there.

During the war years, Turkey hosted on its territory more than 3.6 million Syrian refugees, half of them living in Istanbul. This is the largest number of refugees than in any other country in the world. EU countries, despite repeated promises, do not provide adequate financial assistance to Turkey in the maintenance of Syrian refugees. Apparently, the Turkish authorities, without waiting for financial assistance from the European Union, made a radical decision to reduce the number of Syrian refugees.

News about the deportation of Syrian refugees to war-torn Syria has avalanche spread through social networks. Turkish activists held a rally in support of Syrian refugees and against measures taken by the Turkish government to deport them to the SAR.

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