Battle for Idlib: militants flee, SAA tanks are on the war pass closing the «pocket» (VIDEO, MAP)

Battle for Idlib: militants flee, SAA tanks are on the war pass closing the «pocket» (VIDEO, MAP)

Syrian TV channel Sama TV aired war report from Idlib’s South-East where it shows substancial reinforcements of Syrian Arab army consisting of infantry, tanks, IFV and other military hardware.

Over the last few days Syrian governmental forces fight their way forward from South Aleppo to their fellow servicemen in Eastern Idlib frighting in the area of Abu-Dukhur military airbase.

SAA atacked several towns in South Aleppo occupied by «Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham» jihadists («Jabhat an-Nusra»*, «Al-Qaeda»*) in South Aleppo trying to get a bit sooner to northern corridor to Abu-Dukhur.

Previously published information says that «Тigers» assault units, located in eastern Idlib, began to move towards their allies in southern Aleppo (see video 2), advancing to joining of the two battalion-tactical groups as soon as possible.

According to the Sama TV channel, Tiger Force and «Hezbollah» with their allies were only four kilometers apart that afternoon.

Because the army in the South-East of Idlib if busy with repelling jihadists’ attacks SAA additional reinforcements are being pulled into combat zone.

Russian Air Force smash «Аl-Qaeda»

Today, Russian aviation carried out a number of precise air strikes on terrorists’ positions near Abu-Dukhur military airbase, the Arab media reported.

Russian war planes repeatedly struck at militant groups and their positions near the above-mentioned military airfield in order to prevent delivery of ammunition and reinforcements to Idlib gangs.

While RuAF are crushing «Al Qaeda» defense Syrian Arab Army continues field operations.

Militants fled in fear of getting into a pocket

Meanwhile deathly silence reigned over media resources of Syrian «Al-Qaeda» («Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham») and its allied opposition groups. Leaders of the illegal armed groups simply do not know how to present their supporters with the information that «Jabhat an Nusra» left Hama province’s North-East in dread to get encircled by advancing units of SAA.

Bravery-stirring statements about jihadists who are going «to fight to the last drop of blood» were mere propaganda. Advancing to Abu-Dukhur airbase from several directions SAA units are threatening to close the «pocket» in the nearest future. Field commanders decided to flee with their gangs having abandoned the previously held positions justnot to get into that «pocket».

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* terror oranization banned in Russian Federation

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