Famous German rap-singer from ISIS liquidated in Syria, previously «killed» by US AF in 2016 (GRAPHIC)

Famous German rap-singer from ISIS liquidated in Syria, previously «killed» by US AF in 2016 (GRAPHIC)

«Al Wafa» «agency» affiliated with ISIS media wing reported death of the famous German rap-singer called Deso Dogg (Abu Talha al-Allemani) in Deir ez-Zor province.

He was one of the latests remaining famous ISIS terrorirsts from Europe. He is reported to be liquidated during battles for Garanidzh not far from Abu-Kemal town (Аl-Buqamal).

Abu Talha has also became known when FBI officer Daniella Green fled to ISS to live with him but decided to return to America after a while; she was convicted and sentenced for 2 years in prison.

Let’s not forget that Pentagon «killed» him back in 2016 with the help of media blabbering.

The US Air Force strike on October 16, 2016 in Racca was advertised as a successful operation against important ISIS figure. This was officially announced by representatives of the US military command. But in fact, the extremist was alive and well.

German citizen Dennis Kleppert was born in a family of Arican migrant and German woman, he was troubled as a kid and teenager, took drugs and was trying to pursue a carrer of a rap-performer, his scenic name was Deso Dogg.

When he grew up he became a jihadist. He left for Syria, fought in different Islamist gangs in the North of Syrian Arab republic. He also continued his musical career as a nasheed performer in German language promulgating terrorirsm.

He was badly wounded in September 2013 after airstrike of Syrian Air Forces (real airstrikes not virtual as America’s), then he was admitted at one of Aleppo province’s hospitals where he was being treated after his injury. By the end of the same year Islamist entered ISIS and became ordinary member of that terror organizaton.

According to «TV Dzhihad»** in 2015 Abu Talha Al-Allemani was ordinary militant in ISIS «Sabri» unit which consisted mostly of men of ex-USSR origin. By the end of that year he was transferred to vilayat Halyab (Aleppo province) where he was put in charge of his own battallion. Terrorist rapper has signficantly decreased his activity since 2016 — there were recurrenr rumours фиге his death but he managed to survive until now when he actualy died on Deir ez-Zor province front.

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* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.

** popular Russian social media resource writing about Islamists, jihadists and islam

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