Famous war reporter died in a battle near Damascus (+VIDEO, PHOTO)

Famous war reporter died in a battle near Damascus (+VIDEO, PHOTO)

Syrian Arab army political administration officer Waleed Jabur Halil (39) died during Harasta battles in Eastern suburbs of Damascus. That was reported by Syria’s Defense Minitstry and local media.

«Hero has died, major Waleed Jabur Halil, hewas performing his duty on the battlefield near Harasta in Damascus and becme martyr on Wednesday, January 17. We stand together with his family», — reports «Sham.fm» Syrian radiostation.

Major Waleed has met «Russian Spring» war reporters serveral times, he was an orthodox christian and wasn’t afraid to be at the hotest spots of the frontline.

The fallen Hero has left a wife and a son Georgiy after him.

He has been accompanying his fellow servicemen on different fronts of Syrian war for many years. He has been covering Syrin armer forces’combat performance. His rports wer regularly aired on country’s central TV channels. The officer was warded with several medal for his impeccable record in journalism and risky work as a war reporter.

As Waleed’s fellows told «Russian Spring» future SAA major had been born in 1978 in Homs province, then graduated from faculty of jounalistics at Damascus State University. He was enrolled to Faculty of military and political sciebces in 2006.

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