Operation "Genocide": more than 500 dead - terrible pictures of mass atrocities in northern Syria (PHOTO, VIDEO 18+)

Operation "Genocide": more than 500 dead - terrible pictures of mass atrocities in northern Syria (PHOTO, VIDEO 18+)

Turkish army continues its military operation "Peace spring" in north-eastern Syria, which was launched on 9 October 2019. According to Turkish President Erdogan, the operation is aimed against militants from Kurdistan as well as at the creation of a buffer zone between the Turks and Syrians.

However, the establishment of such zone in northern Syria between the cities of Ras al-Ain and Tell-Abyad which is several hundred kilometres long and about 30 kilometres wide, is only an official version. Turkey's real actions are aimed at ensuring security in its south. A buffer zone layer will help Turkey to move "Syrian Democratic Forces" to a safe distance. Therefore, Turkey is actively attracting "Syrian National Army", which is being funded from the Turkish treasury, to deepen its position in Syria.

Due to the current situation British NGO "Amnesty International", whose key task is to draw attention to human rights violations, published a report on "Neglect of civilian lives by the Turkish Armed Forces".

The report details the atrocities of the pro-Turkish coalition, it includes testimony of 17 people recorded from 12 to 16 October from rescuers, medical personnel and civilians who witnessed Turkish operation.

Having processed all the data received, from the video recordings to the medical reports, it was concluded that the evidence confirmed the horrific facts of indiscriminate attacks on residential areas by pro-Turkish terrorists from among "Syrian National Army".

Attacks and assaults occurred in schools, water supply facilities, power stations and other social infrastructure objects. Large number of civilians killed is mentioned in "Amnesty International" report. It also reveals the facts of the cold-blooded murder of a Syrian-Kurdish woman politician Hevrin Khalaf which was committed by the militants of "Ahrar al-Sharqiya" from "Syrian National Army".

According to preliminary data, in the course of the Turkish operation bearing the cynical name "Peace spring" more than 500 civilians were killed in the North of Syria.

It is worth notion that the Turkish Armed Forces and their allies have demonstrated an extremely heartless attitude towards the lives of civilians. Day by day "Syrian National Army", led by the Turks, continues to carry out daily cold-blooded attacks on Syrians in residential areas. Thus, on November 23, Ain-Issa was attacked by "SNA" artillery, which stood on its way to the M-4 highway, which is the main road in northern Syria. Approximately 10 civilians were killed and more than 15 were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

To sum up, the ongoing Turkish military offensive has forced thousands of people to flee their homes to seek safe haven elsewhere in Syria. The actions of the Turkish coalition and seizure of M-4 highway can prevent delivering vital medicines and food to civilians in the region, which could lead to a large-scale humanitarian disaster in northern Syria.

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