General S.F. Rusdkoy held a breefing for media concerning situation in Syria (VIDEO)

General S.F. Rusdkoy held a breefing for media concerning situation in Syria (VIDEO)

On July 29th Head of Main Operational Directorate of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces colonel general S.F. Rusdkoy held a breefing for media concerning situation in Syria.

Just two hours after that Western media started to snap back at what bruised them the most — the debunking of the fake concerning Russian aviation's airstrikes on vegetable market in the town of Ma'aret-an-Nuaman, Idlib province.

Let us remind you that on July 22th Britain-based «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» referring to «White helmets» reported six Russian airstrikes on Al-Hal market. That accusation along with a tale about 32 killed civilians spread among the leading Western news agencies and was quoted on UN high commissioner for humanitarian issues website.

It is important to underline that none of those victims of «Russian airstrikes» wasn't shown neither on photo nor on video, and any name of those sepposedly deceased civilians wasn't given.

Moreover there isn't any authentic video footage of the market itself and the neighbouring residential quarters supposedly demolished by Russian war planes.

So it was just ususal anti-Russian proofless hysteria overall in Western media.

But Russian Defence Ministry did not just deny airstrikes on civilian objects but showed compelling falseness evidence of that another anti-Russian information attack.

At S.F. Rusdkoy's breefing there were sequentially shown: a sattelite image from Google maps where Al-Hol vegetable market in Ma'aret-an-Nuaman was fixed, then video footage from Russian drone filmed on the 24th and 26th of July, space image dated of July 25th and finally footage from videocamera mounted on a motorbike driving through lively and undisturbed Al-Hol market on July 27th.

The one and only counter plea of those debunked Western «observers» was that «the Russians showed the wrong market».

German «Bild» reporter Julius Roepke was the fisrt to claim this as he is very well known for his affection to militants and total indifference to their victims. He tweeted the same image from Google, but its focus was shifted off-center to the West. According to him Russian AF strikes hit a quarter situated 400 m. from the place discussed during colonel general S.F. Rusdkoy's breefing.

These are basically all the counter arguments.

Julius Roepke found the nearest place from Al-Hal market where Google maps photos allow to see devastation and immediately claimed that the Russians had shown the wrong place. That became a reason for Western media and politicians to deny debunking from the side of Russian Defence Ministry.

Meanwhile messages of the «White Helmets» and » Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» say that the strikes hit Al-Hal veggie market. This place is captured on Google maps so the Russian servicemen indentified it quite accurately due to specific details — there is a stadium nearby and a two-storeyed building with a cell antenna on it near market entry.

These details may be clearly seen on the photos made by Russian drones and sattelite. Moreover, video footage from the market shown during breefing of the Main Operations Directorate's head show the busy clamorous market, the avenue in front of the stadium and the very same building with a cell antenna on it.

The fact itself that people sell watermelons and vegetables 400 meters away from supposedly bombed-out residential quarter a week before would make normal journalists think again. It's obvious that market sellerrs are not afraid of any aviation or airstrikes.

What could be more persuasive than absence of fear of bombardment among the residents?

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