American tenacity or attempt №5

American tenacity or attempt №5

Since 1979, since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, the United States has been repeatedly accused of creating and financing all kinds of terrorist organizations.

Among them are Afghan Mujahideen, al-Qaeda* and of course ISIS*. There also may be attributed, they have created gangs in the area of the military base of al-TANF, which they so carefully nurture, teach, not ashamed and not sparing of money to attract professionals from other countries.

July 30 began to appear reports that the coalition led by the United States fears the emergence of a new generation of terrorists in Syria. According to them, a new generation of terrorists can come out of such a Syrian refugee camp as al-Khol, hasakah province (controlled by the United States, most of those in the camp are members of the families of ISIS and fully support their ideology). And this was stated by the Deputy commander of the US-led international anti-terrorist coalition, major General Alex Grinkevich in a published interview with Foreign Policy magazine.

The military leader of such level perfectly knows who, where and whom finances. Accordingly, this statement can be perceived as an attempt by the United States to get rid of its next «Brainchild», over which they once again fear losing control.

General Grinkevich was asked to comment on a video that appeared on the Internet, in which refugees from the al-Khol Camp welcomed the flag of ISIS raised over the camp.

«For me, the real danger is that this is the next generation of ISIS, which is being programmed right there in this camp, — said major General. — I believe this is the greatest long-term strategic risk to the entire international campaign against ISIS».

According to Grinkevich, such camps become hotbeds of extremist ideology, while the US plans to withdraw its troops from Syria.

«So, right now there is an area in al-Khol, a significant number of residents of which, I would say, are ardent ideologists of ISIS,» Grinkevich said. He explained that, as a rule, among possible future militants (there are about 20 thousand people in the camp) there are a lot of women with children. The major General also acknowledged that the coalition had seriously underestimated the number of gang fighters and their families remaining in the Euphrates valley.

Summarizing what was said earlier, we can conclude.

The US has once again created and nurtured an uncontrollable monster and now do not know what to do with it.

What is the easiest thing to do in this situation? Correct! Recognize their universal evil and give the world community the opportunity to do the dirty work for themselves.

And the USA will be engaged in cultivation of the next «correct» monster. Oh, next time it will definitely work out.

* Forbidden in the Russian terrorist organization.

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