Syria on the brink of new war: modern weapons flowing to terrorists (INFOGRAPHIC)

Syria on the brink of new war: modern weapons flowing to terrorists (INFOGRAPHIC)

Turkey is going to use armed groups of the former “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) against Kurds and radical terrorists’ groups.

This is a fact which is basically hidden by noone nomore. To implemets its interests Ankara does not spare forces or funds providing its subordinate illegal formations in Syria with weapons, ammunition and various additional means necessary for effective combat operations, ranging from night vision devices to drones.

All this stream of military cargoes flowa through Turkish observation posts of militants inside Idlib demilitarized zone. On one hand, what could be wrong with that? After all, the Turks are going to FSA subordinated groups against radical Islamists, such as Jabhat al-Nusra*, who refuse to put down weapons and to comply with the terms of all reconciliation agreements, and continue to attack the Syrian Arab Republic government forces.

However, there is a downside to that coin. The fact is that not all pro-Turkish groups are fighting and are ready to go against the radicals. Moreover, some illegal armed groups and terrorists, who were locked inside Idlib zone, have gained mutually beneficial ties, or, putting ot in more simple manner, they’ve established a usual barter. Thus, “Jabkhat an-Nusra” radicals repeatedly received large quantities of medicines, weapons and ammunition from the “gray” SSA groups, which seem not having against the radicals, but are being provided by the Turks.

“Nusra” and its allies have been paying with antiques, jewels and other property taken from the civilian population of Idlib province for military equipment supplies. As a result a fairly large part of the Turkish military supplies ends up in the hands of terrorists. Please mind that these are not simple, reliable, but old Soviet machine guns, but modern sniper and automatic rifles, reconnaissance devices, communication equipment, anti-tank complexes and much more.

In addition, it is known that Turkey has transferred at least 30 drones to the SSA sponsored groups, and by the end of the year another batch of 40 machines is ti to be transferred. Everybody perfectly remembers and knows what happens when such things end up in terrorists’ hands. They are perfectly able to equip the drones with bombs and direct them to various military targets.

The fact that the drones will end up in radicals’ hands is beyond doubt. And, unfortunately, one has to recognize that they will be used against Syrian government forces.

So we have quite a disappointing picture here: Turkey driven by desire to help its controlled groups deliberately or not have provided weapons and modern means of warfare for terrorists who would not miss the opportunity to use it in their interests.

Syrian military and political expert Hamza Abbas, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.

You can see the list of Turkish weapons below which is being used and relocated to Syria during «Olive branch» operation

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